16 Oct

Engineer Technician Agency Temp Jobs Vacancy in Company 上海市

Engineer Technician Agency Temp
上海市 C23
16 Oct, 2018 30+ days ago

Company 上海市 urgently required following position for Engineer Technician Agency Temp. Please read this job advertisement carefully before apply. There are some qualifications, experience and skills requirement that the employers require. Does your career history fit these requirements? Ensure you understand the role you are applying for and that it is suited to your skills and qualifications.

Follow the online directions, complete all the necessary fields, and provide all relevant information so your application is submitted correctly. When you click the 'Apply this Job' button (open in new window) you will be taken to the online application form. Here you will be asked to provide personal and contact details, respond to employment-related questions, and show how you meet the key selection criteria.

Engineer Technician Agency Temp Jobs Vacancy in Company 上海市 Jobs Details:


  • Work with depot team leader to access the locomotive for trouble shooting

  • Operate the BTE test bench for primary test and issue the test report.

  • Support logistic officer on site to ensure the logistic activities.

  • Replacement of defective parts as per Alstom Quality Procedures.

  • Collection of Equipment configuration information.

  • Ensure application of TLS quality processes

  • Guaranty the application of EHS rules

  • Contribute to TLS image and skills acknowledgement


  • Collage diploma on electrical engineering or relevant

  • 3+ years on site working experience on railway/metro area as technician is preferred.

  • Working experience in ALSTOM or other main foreign companies in transportation area is a plus.

  • Team work spirit, target oriented

  • Good communication skills with peers and in front of client.

  • Fluent in English in both oral and written forms

  • 现场操作人员必须具有良好的工程职业道德、较强的社会责任感和较好的人文科学素养
  • 掌握相应的工程基础知识和本专业的基本理论知识;
  • 具有初步分析和解决问题的思路,具有运行和维护产品的基本能力
  • 具有一定的质量、环境、职业健康安全和法律意识
  • 具备使用合适的管理方法,有效组织和指导项目现场安装、施工和调试的能力有效的交流沟通能力 ,
  • 具备团队协作精神,具备一定协调、管理、竞争与合作能力。
  • 具备一定的在国际视野,能够适应跨文化环境下的团队合作;
  • 具有从事铁路电气工程技术工作所必备的基础知识
  • 掌握一般维修工具,各种常用电工电子仪器仪表使用方法和各种电工电子基本电路测试方法。 具有基本实验操作技能。
  • 了解一般机械以及电气工程图样表示方法,熟悉电气工程制图标准
  • 通过学习,基本了解质保相关产品技术标准,生 产 过 程 和 工 艺 流 程; 一般性能检测和型式试验、出厂试验的内容与方法; 熟悉预防性维修的程序与方法;掌握安装规范及规程; 能正确处理好电气绝缘、电气隔离、安全接地等技术问题。
  • 了解质保相关产品的调试步骤与方法,能及时发现问题并能在现场解决一般性技术问题。熟悉质保相关产品运行规程和定期检修、定期试验的内容,逐步了解并掌握电气装置与电气系统的运行规律、共同特征及常见故障分析知识;熟悉一般电气装置日常检查和维护方法,初步具有电气故障的排除能力和定期检修的能力

职能类别: 电气工程师/技术员




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